Peter C Scheidt

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The availability of MRI has turned out to have less impact on the epidemiology of MS than originally expected. Only 3/69 patients diagnosed between 1986 and 1990 in the epidemiologic area of South Lower Saxony (Germany) would have been missed without MRI. However in 18/50 patients the diagnostic classification changed, mostly from possible to probable MS.(More)
Increasing recognition that children may be more susceptible than adults to environmental exposures and that they experience potentially life-long consequences of such exposures has led to widespread support for a large new cohort study in the United States. In this article, we propose a framework for a new cohort study of children, with follow-up beginning(More)
five Vanguard locations will join them, followed by 29 additional locations in 2010 and more in the following 2 years. The NCS, a national longitudinal cohort study of 100,000 children to be followed from early pregnancy to adulthood, will examine how environmental exposures, interacting with genetic factors and medical access, affect children's health and(More)
OBJECTIVE How can patients and staff participate in redesigning psychiatric procedures through survey research? METHODS Using interviews with circular-hypothetical questioning, 58 patients and 30 staff members of a psychiatric department of a general hospital were interviewed about their preferences for change and continuity in clinical practices, and(More)
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