Peter C. Jones

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Using cognitive evaluation techniques, this study examines the effects of an electronic patient record and electronic mail on the interactions of health care providers. We find that the least structured communication methods are also the most heavily used: face-to-face, telephone, and electronic mail. Positive benefits of electronically-mediated(More)
Studies of interactions between invasive and native species often focus on impacts on natives. We report potential impacts of a native predator, the Lake Erie Watersnake (Nerodia sipdeon insularum) on an invasive fish, the Round Goby (Apollonia melanostomus). Round Gobies have increased exponentially in the Great Lakes and now constitute >90% of prey(More)
Baby CareLink is a multifaceted telemedicine application designed to provide individualized information and support to families of Very Low Birth Weight infants. We believe that this innovative use of WWW and telemedicine technologies will improve family satisfaction and clinical care. In conjunction with improvements in family involvement, discharge(More)
Ecosystem recovery from anthropogenic disturbances, either without human intervention or assisted by ecological restoration, is increasingly occurring worldwide. As ecosystems progress through recovery, it is important to estimate any resulting deficit in biodiversity and functions. Here we use data from 3,035 sampling plots worldwide, to quantify the(More)
This paper presents results from a demonstration project of nationwide exchange of health data for the home care of diabetic patients. A consortium of industry, academic, and health care partners has developed reusable middleware components integrated using the HOLON architecture. Engineering approaches for multi-organization systems development, lessons(More)
Global forest restoration targets have been set, yet policy makers and land managers lack guiding principles on how to invest limited resources to achieve them. We conducted a meta-analysis of 166 studies in naturally regenerating and actively restored forests worldwide to answer: (1) To what extent do floral and faunal abundance and diversity and(More)
Decisions affecting wildlife management and conservation policy of imperiled species are often aided by population models. Reliable population models require accurate estimates of vital rates and an understanding of how vital rates vary geographically. The eastern massasauga (Sistrurus catenatus catenatus) is a rattlesnake species found in the Great Lakes(More)
Over 3000 English-speaking people have used the Associative Data Model and design method (Jones 1976, Curtice and Jones 1982) to produce commercial data base designs. The method stresses user participation. In a typical design session, groups of business users led by a qualified data designer are taught the notation and its rules in about 15 minutes; the(More)
Body size, and, by extension, growth has impacts on physiology, survival, attainment of sexual maturity, fecundity, generation time, and population dynamics, especially in ectotherm animals that often exhibit extensive growth following attainment of sexual maturity. Frequently, growth is analyzed at the population level, providing useful population mean(More)