Peter C Jacobson

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This is a cross-sectional study of bone densitometry in greater than 700 normal healthy white women ranging in age from 18 to 98 years. A modified procedure for single-photon bone density analysis of the distal radius is described and compared with dual-photon densitometric measurements of the second through fourth lumbar vertebrae. The distal radial site(More)
Bone density was studied in intercollegiate athletes and older athletic women. Single-photon densitometry was used to assess bone density parameters at a new distal radial site, the midradius, and the first metatarsus. Dual-photon densitometry assessed bone density of the lumbar spine. Eleven intercollegiate tennis players, 23 swimmers, and 86 older(More)
This study measured radial and lumbar spine bone density in postmenopausal white female patients with nontraumatic fractures and their age-matched controls. Bone density measurements were made with a single-beam densitometer. Distal radial bone density measurements were made at the site at which the radius and ulna are separated by 5 mm, which is(More)
The movement patterns and body size of fishes are influenced by a host of physical and biological conditions, including temperature and oxygen, prey densities and foraging potential, growth optimization, and predation risk. Our objectives were to (1) investigate variability in vertical movement patterns of cisco (Coregonus artedi) in a variety of inland(More)
Eutrophication and climate warming are profoundly affecting fish in many freshwater lakes. Understanding the specific effects of these stressors is critical for development of effective adaptation and remediation strategies for conserving fish populations in a changing environment. Ecological niche models that incorporated the individual effects of nutrient(More)
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