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MicroRNAs are a recently discovered class of posttranscriptional regulators of gene expression with critical functions in health and disease. Psoriasis is the most prevalent chronic inflammatory skin disease in adults, with a substantial negative impact on the patients' quality of life. Here we show for the first time that psoriasis-affected skin has a(More)
BACKGROUND Naturally occurring thymus derived regulatory T cells (Tregs) are central in the maintenance of self-tolerance. The transcription factor FOXP3 is crucial for the suppressive activity of Tregs and is considered the most specific marker for this population. However, human non regulatory T cells upregulate FOXP3 transiently upon activation which(More)
Proper transcriptional control of pro- and anti-inflammatory responses of the immune system is important for a fine-tuned balance between protection and tolerance. Emerging evidence suggests a key role for epigenetic regulation in governing the Th cell differentiation, where effector cytokines direct the overall immune response. In this study, we describe a(More)
During gametogenesis, the female and male germ cells undergo a process whereby imprinting marks are erased from the genome. During the later stages of germ-cell development, the methylation marks of the female and male germ lines are re-established. A second phase of demethylation of the genome occurs at the time of fertilization, and during development of(More)
Achievement of appropriate precision is a major challenge for the clinical laboratory, particularly in specialized fields such as enzymology and immunochemistry. Especially in immunochemistry, where accuracy can only poorly be checked because of a lack of reference methods and a multitude of detectable epitopes, precision remains an important index of(More)
Factor VIII antigen (VIII:CAg) exhibits molecular weight heterogeneity in normal plasma. We have compared the relative quantities of VIII:CAg forms present in normal individuals (n = 22) with VIII:CAg forms in renal dysfunction patients (n = 19) and in patients with disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC; n = 7). In normal plasma, the predominant VIII:(More)
With changing revenue and service responsibilities between federal, state and local governments, the need for local decision-makers to accurately assess fiscal impacts of new economic developments or federal government programs has become increasingly important. In this paper we explore the use of cross-sectional data and procedures to derive a fiscal(More)
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