Peter C. Chu

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A new three-point combined compact difference (CCD) scheme is developed for numerical models. The major features of the CCD scheme are: three point, implicit, sixth-order accuracy, and inclusion of boundary values. Due to its combination of the first and second derivatives, the CCD scheme becomes more compact and more accurate than normal compact difference(More)
The Lorenz system is used to discuss two kinds of predictability: the model sensitivity to inaccurate initial conditions (first kind) and to inaccurate boundary conditions (second kind). The first kind of predictability has been investigated for a long time, but not the second kind. It was found that the Lorenz system has a capability to detect both kinds(More)
This paper investigates the seasonal variabilities of the South China Sea isopycnal-surface circulations and of the Kuroshio intrusion through the Luzon Strait using the U.S. Navy’s climatological temperature and salinity dataset (public domain) with 1⁄28 3 1⁄28 resolution by the P-vector method. The representative pattern is a persistent basin-scale(More)
The responses to tropical cyclones of ocean wave characteristics in deep water of the western Atlantic Ocean have been investigated extensively, but not the regional seas in the western Pacific such as the South China Sea (SCS), due to a lack of observational and modeling studies there. Since monsoon winds prevail in the SCS but not in the western Atlantic(More)
In an effort to identify novel therapeutic targets for autoimmunity and transplant rejection, we developed and performed a large-scale retroviral-based functional screen to select for proteins that inhibit antigen receptor-mediated activation of lymphocytes. In addition to known regulators of antigen receptor signaling, we identified a novel adaptor(More)
[1] A composite time series (1993–2000) of sea surface height anomaly from several satellites is used to identify eddies in the South China Sea (SCS). The eddy lifetime, radius, strength, and straight-line travel distance are estimated. Altogether 58 anticyclonic eddies and 28 cyclonic eddies are identified for this period. They are grouped into four(More)
BACKGROUND The activation of T cells, mediated by the T-cell receptor (TCR), activates a battery of specific membrane-associated, cytosolic and nuclear proteins. Identifying the signaling proteins downstream of TCR activation will help us to understand the regulation of immune responses and will contribute to developing therapeutic agents that target immune(More)
The seasonal ocean circulation and the seasonal thermal structure in the South China Sea (SCS) were studied numerically using the Princeton Ocean Model (POM) with 20-km horizontal resolution and 23 sigma levels conforming to a realistic bottom topography. A 16-month control run was performed using climatological monthly mean wind stresses, restoring-type(More)
The optimal spectral decomposition (OSD) method is used to reconstruct seasonal variability of the Black Sea horizontally averaged chlorophyll-a concentration from data collected during the NATO SfP-971818 Black Sea Project in 1980–1995. During the reconstruction, quality control is conducted to reduce errors caused by measurement accuracy, sampling(More)