Peter C. Allilomes

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P systems is a new model of computation, inspired by natural processes, that has a distributive nature. By exploring this distributive nature of P systems, we have built a purely distributive simulation of P systems. The simulation, whose implementation is described here, was programmed in the Java programming language and makes heavy use of its Remote(More)
A generalization of the tree-cotree technique for the removal of imaginary and dc spurious modes in finite-element-based eigenanalysis of 3-D lossy unbounded structures is introduced. Five frequently encountered types of polynomial eigenvalue problems are tackled including: 1) closed structures with finite metals conductivity losses; 2) closed structures(More)
An eigenanalysis-based technique is presented for the study and design of large complicated closed cavities and particularly Reverberation Chambers, including conductor and dielectric material losses. Two different numerical approaches are exploited. First, a straightforward approach is adopted where the finite walls conductivity is incorporated into the(More)
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