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Based on analyses using 20 genetically connected radiata pine trials and on the pattern of trial-trial genetic correlations, current regionalisation of breeding in southern Australia seems justified. However, relationships between environmental variables and genotype by environment interaction are complex. Current radiata pine breeding and deployment in(More)
Tests of verbal fluency, whether of Semantic Fluency (SF) or Phonological Fluency (PF), are often used as a standard method of neuropsychological assessment. However, very little normative data, standardized on a UK sample, is available, and little is known about the utility of popularly used 'short-forms' of these tasks. Additionally, very little is known(More)
Growth and form traits data were obtained from eight provenance trials of radiata pine (Pinus radiata D. Don) planted across the radiata pine plantation estate in southeast Australia. The genetic pool included 466 open-pollinated families collected from Año Nuevo, Monterey and Cambria provenances on the Californian mainland coast in the USA and from(More)
AIMS To describe the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) appearances of the brain in acute carbon monoxide poisoning, the commonest cause of accidental poisoning in Europe and the U.S.A. To attempt to correlate the imaging findings with patient outcome as an aid to prognosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS Brain MRI was performed on 19 consecutive patients, who had(More)
In January 1998 a telemedicine link was established between the Hospital Squadron (from 22 Field Hospital) in Sipovo, Bosnia and the Royal Hospital Haslar, United Kingdom (UK). This link uses a high resolution digital camera, laptop computer, satellite telephone and a landline to obtain specialist opinions in radiology, dermatology, plastic surgery,(More)
A case of nodular regenerative hyperplasia (NRH) of the liver is described in association with exposure to the radiographic contrast medium Thorotrast. This is the first case in which the pathological findings have been fully documented. It is suggested that NRH may have developed through Thorotrast induced damage to portal vein radicles.
A simple, effective digital camera and E-mail-based telemedicine system has been developed using commercially available equipment. Initial trials were successful and this system is now deployed in several operational units. A retrospective audit has shown it to be of value in 50% of referrals.
Teleradiology is the most widely practised form of telemedicine and the necessary equipment is readily available. The limiting technical factor is often the communication links between the two sites. A balance must be struck between the degree of image compression and the transmission time. Non technical issues such as organisation of staff and medico-legal(More)
The use of bowel contrast medium in abdominal and pelvic MRI examinations is increasingly being recognized as a useful adjunct. A contrast agent which produces a negative contrast effect with T2 weighted (T2W) sequences might help distinguish bowel pathology, which has increased signal intensity, from bowel content. A solution of 7.6 mg ml-1 of sodium(More)