Peter Buschkamp

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High signal-to-noise, representative spectra of star-forming galaxies at z ∼ 2, obtained via stacking, reveal a high-velocity component underneath the narrow Hα and [NII] emission lines. When modeled as a single Gaussian, this broad component has FWHM & 1500 km s; when modeled as broad wings on the Hα and [NII] features, it has FWHM & 500 km s. This feature(More)
We used a proper combination of multiband high-resolution and wide field multi-wavelength observations collected at three different telescopes (HST, LBT and CFHT) to probe Blue Straggler Star (BSS) populations in the globular cluster M53. Almost 200 BSS have been identified over the entire cluster extension. The radial distribution of these stars has been(More)
We have developed confocal multicolor single-molecule spectroscopy with optimized detection sensitivity on three spectrally distinct channels for the study of biomolecular interactions and FRET between more than two molecules. Using programmable acousto-optical devices as beamsplitter and excitation filter, we overcome some of the limitations of(More)
We present H integral field spectroscopy of well-resolved, UV/optically selected z 2 star-forming galaxies as part of the SINS survey with SINFONI on the ESO VLT. Our laser guide star adaptive optics and good seeing data show the presence of turbulent rotating star-forming outer rings/disks, plus central bulge/inner disk components, whose mass fractions(More)
We analyze the spectra, spatial distributions and kinematics of Hα , [NII] and [SII] emission in a sample of 38, z ∼ 2.2 UV/optically selected star forming galaxies (SFGs) from the SINS & zC-SINF surveys, 34 of which were observed in the adaptive optics mode of SINFONI and 30 of those contain data presented for the first time here. This is supplemented by(More)
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