Peter Burton

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Introduction This paper is to a large extent a continuation of the work in [K] on the global aspects of measure preserving actions of countable groups. We define and study here natural topologies on the spaces of measure preserving equivalence relations and graphs on a standard probability space. Here is an overview of the contents of the paper. In Section(More)
We initiate the study of weak containment and weak equivalence for µ-stationary actions for a given countable group G endowed with a generating probability measure µ. We show that Fursten-berg entropy is a stable weak equivalence invariant, and furthermore is a continuous affine map on the space of stable weak equivalence classes. We prove the same for the(More)
Electrodermal Activity is extensively used for measuring human emotions. Validity and reliability have been questioned by some researchers. This paper reports on highly controlled experiments to determine the validity of electrodermal al activity for measuring human emotions. The authors were unable to determine the validity of electrodermal activity for(More)
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