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Whole-genome sequencing of the protozoan pathogen Trypanosoma cruzi revealed that the diploid genome contains a predicted 22,570 proteins encoded by genes, of which 12,570 represent allelic pairs. Over 50% of the genome consists of repeated sequences, such as retrotransposons and genes for large families of surface molecules, which include trans-sialidases,(More)
This research uses microdata from the 1986 Statistics Canada Family Expenditure S u ~ e y and from the 1986-88 U.S. Consumer Expenditure Survey to estimate equivalence scales using a methodology which is very similar to that employed by Statistics Canada for the estimation of Low-Income Cutoffs. Employing identical sample selection criteria and identically(More)
for their helpful comments and SSHRC for its financial support. I am solely responsible for any remaining errors. Abstract In the 1970's, the dominant view in economics was that there was a trade-off between "equity" and "efficiency". In the 1990's, the literature on endogenous growth has argued that this trade-off does not exist. As section 1 discusses,(More)
OBJECTIVE To ascertain patients' attitudes to embryo donation for research purposes. DESIGN Anonymous questionnaire survey. PARTICIPANTS AND SETTING 235 couples who had embryos in storage at Concept Fertility Centre on 30 March 2003 that had been cryopreserved between 1 January 2000 and 30 June 2002. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Participants' choices with(More)
Exploiting a repeated cross-section created from the 1991 and 2001 waves of the Aboriginal Peoples Survey, I provide the first estimates of tobacco price elasticity for adults in Canada's Aboriginal communities. These communities are small and secluded, presenting a unique opportunity to look at the potential influence of community smoking norms on(More)
Introduction This paper is to a large extent a continuation of the work in [K] on the global aspects of measure preserving actions of countable groups. We define and study here natural topologies on the spaces of measure preserving equivalence relations and graphs on a standard probability space. Here is an overview of the contents of the paper. In Section(More)
We initiate the study of weak containment and weak equivalence for µ-stationary actions for a given countable group G endowed with a generating probability measure µ. We show that Fursten-berg entropy is a stable weak equivalence invariant, and furthermore is a continuous affine map on the space of stable weak equivalence classes. We prove the same for the(More)
We study an invariant of dynamical systems called naive entropy, which is defined for both measurable and topological actions of any countable group. We focus on nonamenable groups, in which case the invariant is two-valued, with every system having naive entropy either zero or infinity. Bowen has conjectured that when the acting group is sofic, zero naive(More)