Peter Burge

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Agility skill is important in Australian Rules football (ARF) as it enables an attacking player to successfully evade an opponent. To date, no research has examined offensive agility techniques in ARF. There were two purposes of this study: first, to compare the change of direction (COD) speed of three offensive agility techniques, and second, compare the(More)
During the course of the European project Advanced Security for Personal Communication Technologies" ASPeCT, we h a ve developed some rule-based and neural network architectures as a number of diierent fraud detection tools for GSM networks. We h a ve n o w i n tegrated these diierent techniques int o a h ybrid detection tool. We optimized the performance(More)
In the presently heightened security environment in the United Kingdom there are a number of examples of policy that must strike a delicate balance between strengthening security and endangering civil liberties and personal privacy. The introduction of national identity cards and bio-metric passports, expansion of the National DNA Database and(More)
Public acceptability influences policy action, but the most acceptable policies are not always the most effective. This discrete choice experiment provides a novel investigation of the acceptability of different interventions to reduce alcohol consumption and the effect of information on expected effectiveness, using a UK general population sample of 1202(More)
OBJECTIVES (1) To test the use of best-worst scaling (BWS) experiments in valuing different types of biomedical and health research impact, and (2) to explore how different types of research impact are valued by different stakeholder groups. DESIGN Survey-based BWS experiment and discrete choice modelling. SETTING The UK. PARTICIPANTS Current and(More)