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SSL is the de facto standard today for securing end-to-end transport on the Internet. While the protocol itself seems rather secure, there are a number of risks that lurk in its use, for example, in web banking. However, the adoption of password-based key-exchange protocols can overcome some of these problems. We propose the integration of such a protocol(More)
PANDA is a run-time package based on a very small operating system kernel which supports distributed applications written in C++. It provides powerful abstractions such as very efficient user-level threads, a uniform global address space, object and thread mobility, garbage collection, and persistent objects. The paper discusses the design rationales(More)
functionality would significantly extend smart card possibilities. However, until very recently, such promises have not been backed by real implementations; JavaCard existence has been limited to reference implementations—better known as simulations. However, JavaCard implementations now exist and the technology is beginning to live up to the hype. A(More)
At the heart of every business process management system resides a workflow engine, here termed process execution engine. Yet despite playing such a central role, contemporary business process engines generally still leave much to be desired in terms of interoperability, versatility, and programmability. Therefore, this paper introduces ePVM, an embeddable(More)
In modern programming environments, the increasing variety of programming models cannot be satisfactorily matched by a single operating system interface. An interface adaptable to specific application needs requires a user-level realization of system services. The operating system kernel should be reduced to minimal functionality, not biased towards a(More)
Component-oriented software development has been attracting increasing attention for building complex distributed applications. A new infrastructure supporting this advanced concept is our prototype component framework based on the Grid component model. This paper provides an overview of the component framework and presents a case study where we utilise the(More)