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Pyogenic granuloma is a common, acquired, benign vascular lesion of skin and mucous membranes which may occasionally present intravascularly or subcutaneously. Pyogenic granuloma occur in all age groups and although they may eventually regress, removal of unsightly, bleeding or uncomfortably positioned lesions is usually sought before this takes place. This(More)
Pretibial lacerations are a common form of injury of the elderly population. With respect to graft healing, controversy exists regarding rehabilitation by early ambulation, following debridement and split skin grafting. In a prospective, randomised trial comparing early mobilisation (n = 21) with the traditional method of a period of in-patient bed rest(More)
Atypical fibroxanthoma (AFX) is a cutaneous neoplasm of mesenchymal origin. The mainstay of treatment is complete surgical excision. Recurrence is estimated at between 2 and 20% and metastasis has previously been reported. This series presents a retrospective audit over 10 years, identifying 39 lesions in 28 patients. Complete excision was achieved in 27/28(More)
The estimations of blood loss and transfusion requirements during burns surgery are notoriously difficult. This clinical study investigated the effectiveness of estimates made by junior and senior burns surgeons and senior anaesthetists by comparing them with calculated blood losses. Regression analysis shows good correlation between these methods (r-value(More)
Increased incidence of malignancies within aviators is well documented. Commercial female flyers have been found to have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. However, there has not been any report of male breast cancer related to flying either alone or where malignant melanoma and other primary cancers are also associated. We report two male World War(More)
Surgical excision remains the gold standard for the management of cutaneous squamous cell cancers (SCC) and national guidelines for operative radial margins predict 95% oncological clearance with a margin of 4 mm for low-risk and 6 mm for high-risk tumours. We retrospectively analysed all cutaneous SCC excisions performed across 4 regional Plastic surgical(More)
The case notes of 26 children with contact thermal burns to the hand who were treated in the Burn Unit at Stroke Mandeville Hospital as inpatients during the period 1987-92 have been reviewed. The burns were found to be caused by a variety of injuring agents, although the domestic iron was the single commonest cause accounting for 46 per cent of cases.(More)
This paper describes the “WorldTravel” service-oriented application and testbed. The purpose of the testbed is to provide to researchers an open source venue for experimenting with and evaluating ideas, methods, and implementation options for service-oriented architectures and applications. Built upon standard service technologies, the WorldTravel testbed(More)