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This paper describes the " WorldTravel " service-oriented application and testbed. The purpose of the testbed is to provide to researchers an open source venue for experimenting with and evaluating ideas, methods, and implementation options for service-oriented archi-tectures and applications. Built upon standard service technologies, the WorldTravel(More)
Background. Melanoma incidence is increasing faster than any other cancer in the UK. The introduction of specialist skin cancer multidisciplinary teams intends to improve the provision of care to patients suffering from melanoma. This study aims to investigate the management and survival of patients diagnosed with melanoma around the time of inception of(More)
In order to facilitate future research on service-oriented architectures, we create a simulation system which can be used as an experimental platform and a benchmark. This simulator is based on a real-world system: an airline fare pricing/ticketing website and the necessary services to support it. We describe the system our simulator is based on and the(More)
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