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The columnar growth habit of apple trees (Malus × domestica Borkh.) is a unique plant architecture phenotype that arose as a bud sport mutation of a McIntosh tree in the 1960s. The mutation (“Co gene”) led to trees (McIntosh Wijcik) with thick, upright main stems and short internodes that generate short fruit spurs instead of long lateral branches. Although(More)
We study temporal correlations and multifractal properties of long river discharge records from 41 hydrological stations around the globe. To detect long-term correlations and multifractal behaviour in the presence of trends, we apply several recently developed methods [detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA), wavelet analysis, and multifractal DFA] that can(More)
Niemann-Pick disease type C (NPC), caused by mutations in the NPC1 gene or the NPC2 gene, is characterized by the accumulation of unesterified cholesterol and other lipids in endo/lysosomal compartments. NPC2 is a small, soluble, lysosomal protein that is targeted to this compartment via a mannose 6-phosphate-inhibitable pathway. To obtain insight into the(More)
This paper presents work-in-progress towards the development of an intelligent mobile agent-based e-marketplace system called InterMarket. InterMarket aims at enabling mobile access and automated trading in e-marketplaces based on integration of mobile agents and intelligent decision-making agents offered as an add-on component to a commercial e-marketplace(More)
Mobile agents were introduced as a design paradigm for distributed systems to reduce network traffic as compared to client-server based approaches, simply by moving code close to the data instead of moving large amount of data to the client. Although this thesis has been proved in many application scenarios. it was also shown that the performance of mobile(More)
We present an agent-based middleware for social-mobile applications , which has been developed as part of an ongoing linkage project. One aspect of the MobiSoft project is the vision of facilitating, augmenting , and promoting human social interaction by electronic personal assistants during face-to-face encounters. Possible areas of social mobile(More)
We study the spectral properties of the magnitudes of daily river flux increments, the volatility. The volatility series exhibits (i) strong seasonal periodicity and (ii) power-law correlations for time scales less than 1 yr. We test the nonlinear properties of the river flux increment series by randomizing its Fourier phases and find that the surrogate(More)
This paper will sketch some results of current research within the projects AutoFOCUS/Quest and Automotive. AutoFOCUS/ Quest is a prototype for a development tool showing how model-based techniques could be used to deal with the complexity of embedded software development. Within Automotive the integration of commercial tools is examined. Therefore a common(More)