Peter Brandon

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An intervention for noncompliance consisting of a series of requests promoting a high probability of compliance followed either 5 s or 20 s later by a request with a low probability of compliance was implemented with a preschool child with autism. Results indicated that applications of the request sequence with a shorter interprompt time resulted in higher(More)
This paper argues that distributed object technology can profitably be put to use in the field of computer integrated construction, and describes its use within the COMMIT project. The COMMIT project aims to provide a computer integrated construction (CIC) environment that provides facilities such as versioning, notification, object rights and the(More)
We examine the effects of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's (ACA) prohibition of preexisting conditions exclusions for children on job mobility among parents. We use a difference-in-difference approach, comparing pre-post policy changes in job mobility among privately-insured parents of children with chronic health conditions vs.(More)
A great deal of work has been carried out in the area of information modelling to support the sharing of information across participants in a construction project. Efforts in this area include projects such as ATLAS (Bohms et al., 1994) (for large scale engineering), COMBINE (Dubois et al., 1995) (for HVAC and building design), RATAS (Björk, 1994) and ICON(More)
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