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This study analyzes short-run AFDC recidivism among mother-only families. Findings suggest that a sizable minority of former AFDC recipients return to AFDC rapidly. Those most likely to return to AFDC are those switching jobs, those moving to public housing, those adding children, and those not getting regular child support payments. The results also(More)
This paper argues that distributed object technology can profitably be put to use in the field of computer integrated construction, and describes its use within the COMMIT 3 project. The COMMIT project aims to provide a computer integrated construction (CIC) environment that provides facilities such as versioning, notification, object rights and the(More)
The Luxembourg Income Study has made comparable several large microdata sets that contain comprehensive measures of income and economic well-being for a set of modern industrialized welfare states. The LIS The LIS Summer Workshop is a two-week pre-and postdoctoral workshop designed to introduce young scholars in the social sciences (economics, sociology,(More)
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