Peter Braido

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This article reports an experimental study that aimed to quantitatively analyze motion coordination patterns across digits 2-5 (index to little finger), and examine the kinematic synergies during manipulative and gestic acts. Twenty-eight subjects (14 males and 14 females) performed two types of tasks, both right-handed: (1) cylinder-grasping that involved(More)
This paper describes the development of a novel algorithm for deriving finger segmental center of rotation (COR) locations during flexion-extension from measured surface marker motions in vivo. The algorithm employs an optimization routine minimizing the time-variance of the internal link lengths, and incorporates an empirically quantifiable relationship(More)
This article reports a systematic research effort aimed at establishing a normative database of thumb circumduction range of motion (ROM) and related kinematic characteristics in vivo while examining the effects of anthropometry, gender, and direction of rotation. Twenty-eight (14 men, 14 women) anthropometrically diverse participants performed maximum(More)
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