Peter Brödner

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Inspired by an economic interpretation of the Faustus drama allegorically disclosing the ‘alchemical’ nature of modern economy, the paper presents a critical view on the development of technology as concomitant phenomenon of work practices with particular focus on manufacturing. It starts with a theoretical perspective on the dynamics of creating explicit(More)
The paper elaborates on the theoretical foundation of Information System understood as a field of design science. Revisiting Hevner's et al. seminal paper [44], we elaborate on theoretical and conceptual shortcomings. Theoretically, we state a somehow limited perception of pragmatist thinking. Conceptually, we criticize a limited definition of the IS(More)
The study intends to identify, analyse and evaluate essential outcomes from national programmes supporting the development of work organisation and to derive recommendations for future initiatives. In particular, it covers the following issues: • to identify and describe existing national programmes in EU Member States, • to evaluate the impact of those(More)