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OBJECTIVE to measure the impact of pharmacist-conducted clinical medication review with elderly care home residents. DESIGN randomised controlled trial of clinical medication review by a pharmacist against usual care. SETTING sixty-five care homes for the elderly in Leeds, UK. PARTICIPANTS a total of 661 residents aged 65+ years on one or more(More)
BACKGROUND The relationship between the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) and negative outcomes in carers has been consistently demonstrated, however the quality of the assessment of the former in routine clinical settings is variable and validated interview-based scales are frequently underutilised. AIMS To develop a carer(More)
OBJECTIVES to determine the environmental quality of community-based residential and nursing care for people with dementia. DESIGN survey of a stratified random sample of care homes. SETTINGS forty-six registered residential and nursing homes in a single health district. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES scales for the assessment of environments for people with(More)
BACKGROUND A study to determine the feasibility of conducting a future population-based trial into a self-management intervention for community-living adults with early stage dementia included evaluation of intervention content and modes of delivery, staffing requirements, recruitment methods and the utility and usability of patient reported outcomes. (More)
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