Peter Borg

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A k-signed r-set on [n] = {1, ..., n} is an ordered pair (A, f), where A is an r-subset of [n] and f is a function from A to [k]. Families A 1 , ..., A p are said to be cross-intersecting if any set in any family A i intersects any set in any other family A j. Hilton proved a sharp bound for the sum of sizes of cross-intersecting families of r-subsets of(More)
We say that a set A t-intersects a set B if A and B have at least t common elements. A family A of sets is said to be t-intersecting if each set in A t-intersects any other set in A. Families A 1 , A 2 , ..., A k are said to be cross-t-intersecting if for any i and j in {1, 2, ..., k} with i = j, any set in A i t-intersects any set in A j. We prove that for(More)