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The cost-effectiveness of the Kyoto Protocol would be increased by attracting as many new countries to international emissions trading as possible and achieving these additions as soon as possible. This paper focuses on two forms of compensation for attracting poor, risk-averse countries to participate in emissions trading. The theoretical as well as(More)
This paper discusses ways in which the next climate agreement – a renegotiated Kyoto Protocol or a second-period agreement – can be made more cost-effective. The discussion focuses on the design of international emissions trading to facilitate early participation by developing countries. Four aspects are highlighted: the design of compensation rules, the(More)
The Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (United Nations, 1997) will have emerged as an impressive achievement, if it is eventually ratified by the Parties to an extent that ensures its entering into force. It would be impressive -perhaps ’brave’ or ’foolhardy’ are more appropriate terms -because the Protocol tries to(More)
  • Peter Bohm
  • Journal of cataract and refractive surgery
  • 2010
chops with lateral separation would jeopardize the capsule integrity in the presence of incomplete capsulorhexis and/or zonular instability, particularly in brunescent cataracts. We also agree that a dense nucleus piece that is not held appropriately with high vacuum and phacoemulsified quickly can cause both endothelial injury and capsule tear because of(More)
The purpose of this paper is to describe a test involving five different approaches to estimating the demand for a public good. The test was conducted in a setting which permitted a reai collective choice and in which each subject was committed to actual payments when relevant. The results indicate that the well-known risk for misrepresentation of(More)
Why do cartels need to communicate? And why is tacit collusion common in experimental duopoly markets, but rare with more than two sellers? Our experimental results indicate that the monitoring of other sellers is an important part of the answer to both these questions. We found that giving instructions on how to coordinate had a strong positive effect on(More)
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