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The virtual theatre Bamse-land is an entertaining virtual world, where characters taken from the Swedish comic book Bamse are implemented as autonomous agents. The agents interact with each other according to their different personalities, which were derived from the comic. Our main concern has been to make an entertaining and believable application, and by(More)
The degree of pain alleviation achieved by transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TNS) during delivery has been evaluated. The usual technique of TNS was modified to suit the requirements of pain relief during delivery. Two pairs of electrodes were taped on the parturient's back at levels TH10--L1 and S2--S4. These segments correspond to the pathway(More)
In this paper, the maximum achievable data rate performance is addressed for MIMO systems that employ transmission of known training sequences for channel estimation. In Part I of this paper, it was found that systems based on superimposed pilots (SIP) offer an increased performance over conventional time-multiplexed pilots for fast fading channels. In(More)
In this paper, we make a performance comparison between two different training-based schemes for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channel estimation. The two schemes are the conventional time-multiplexed pilot (CP) scheme and the more recently suggested superimposed pilot (SIP) scheme. Unlike previous comparisons found in the literature, which are(More)
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