Peter Bodesinsky

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The Eclipse Java debugger uses an indented list to view arrays at runtime. This visualization provides limited insight into the array. Also, it is cumbersome and time-consuming to search for certain values at an unknown index. We present a new Eclipse plug in for visualizing large arrays and collections while debugging Java programs. The plug in provides(More)
Clinical guidelines provide recommendations in the form of applicable actions in a specific clinical context. Computer Interpretable Guidelines (CIG) aim to achieve guideline integration into clinical practice to increase health care quality. Analyzing the compliance with a CIG can facilitate the implementation and assist in the design of CIGs, but to help(More)
In contrast to stepping, tracing is a debugging technique that does not suspend the execution. This technique is more suitable for debugging programs whose correctness is compromised by the suspension of execution. In this work we present a tool for visually tracing Java programs in Eclipse. Trace point hits are collected on a per-instance basis. This(More)
The research field of Process Mining deals with the extraction of information from event logs. Since large amounts of event data are generated every day, analyzing these often unstructured event logs poses a research challenge. To cope with the complexity of the data and the associated mining tasks, appropriate visualizations and interactive means are(More)
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