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A useful distribution for fitting discrete data: revival of the Conway-Maxwell-Poisson distribution
A useful discrete distribution (the Conway-Maxwell-Poisson distribution) is revived and its statistical and probabilistic properties are introduced and explored. This distribution is a two-parameter
Reducing Assortment: An Attribute-Based Approach
Most supermarket categories are cluttered with items, or stockkeeping units (SKUs), that differ very little at the attribute level. Previous research has found that reductions (up to 54%) in the
A Useful Distribution for Fitting Discrete Data: Revival of the COM-Poisson
A useful discrete distribution (the Conway-Maxwell-Poisson, or COM-Poisson) is revived and its statistical and probabilistic properties are introduced and explored. The COMPoisson is a two-parameter
The Effect of Product Assortment Changes on Customer Retention
This research investigates the impact of a large-scale assortment reduction on customer retention, utilizing a model we develop to explore the effect on sales at both the store level and the category
Models of Multi-Category Choice Behavior
Given the advent of basket-level purchasing data of households, choice modelers are actively engaged in the development of statistical and econometric models of multi-category choice behavior of
Incidental Prices and Their Effect on Willingness to Pay
Previous research has explored how both internal and external references prices affect consumer perceptions and consequently the price that consumers are willing to pay for a product or service.
The Timing of Bid Placement and Extent of Multiple Bidding: An Empirical Investigation Using eBay Online Auctions
This article empirically measure the distribution of bid timings and the extent of multiple bidding in a large set of online auctions, using bidder experience as a mediating variable and finds a nonmonotonic impact of bidder experience on the timing of bid placements.
Quantifying Aesthetic Form Preference in a Utility Function
One of the greatest challenges in product development is creating a form that is attractive to an intended market audience. Functional product features are easier to test and verify through user
What's in a "Name"? Impact of Use of Customer Information in E-Mail Advertisements
The main contribution of this study is that it not only indicates the economic benefits of personalization in e-mails but also highlights consumers’ concerns over the use of information in personalization.