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Metabolites of proteaceae. Part VIII. The occurrence of (+)-D-allose in nature: rubropilosin and pilorubrosin from Protea rubropilosa beard
The leaves of Protea rubropilosa Beard contain (+)-D-allose in the form of the 6-O-cinnamate (rubropilosin) and the 6-O-benzoate (pilorubrosin) of 2-hydroxy-4-hydroxymethylphenyl β-D-allopyranoside.Expand
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Metabolites of Proteaceae. VII. Lacticolorin, a phenolic glucoside ester, and other metabolites of Protea lacticolor Salisb.
Lacticolorin, from the leaves of Protea lacticolor Salisb., is shown to be 2-hydroxy-4-hydroxymethylphenyl 6-O-benzoyl-β-D-glucopyranoside. It is accompanied in the plant by benzoic,Expand
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The occrrence of D-(+)-allose in nature
D-(+)-Allose has been obtained in pure from from leves of Protea rubropilosa, in which it is present as the 6-Ocinnamate (rubropilosin) and as the 6-O-benzoate(pilorubrosin) ofExpand
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