Peter Bennion

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Using a pH signature criterion, it was found that whereas electrostatic attractions and repulsions were paramount in the binding of low molecular weight acid and basic dyes to tissue sections, high molecular weight dyes were also bound non-electrostatically. By studying the effects on staining of adding to aqueous dyebaths agents destroying the “iceberg”(More)
Selective purple staining of RNA-rich structures such as basophilic cytoplasms of exocrine pancreas and plasma cells, Nissl substance, and nucleoli was achieved by treating tissue sections as follows. Stain dewaxed sections for 1/2 hour in a dyebath containing 0.1% w/v axure A or toluidine blue and 1% cationic surfactant (Hyamine 2389, a 50% w/v aqueous(More)
Quantitative autoradiography has been used to assess whether [3H]paracetamol (3 microM) binds specifically to any area of the murine brain and spinal cord and to investigate whether paracetamol (1-100 microM) competes for binding to the nociceptin opioid peptide (NOP) receptor or to the nitrobenzylthioinosine (NBTI)-sensitive adenosine transporter in the(More)
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