Peter Bednár

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This paper describes a set of experiments with bagging – a method, which can improve results of classification algorithms. Our use of this method aims at classification algorithms generating decision trees. Results of performance tests focused on the use of the bagging method on binary decision trees are presented. The minimum number of decision trees,(More)
Currently, public administration services are being transformed into electronic. In such state, service consumers can solve their life event situations by going thru sequence of services where combination of traditional and electronic services is might occur. Service choreography is known as observable behaviour of one service from client's point of view.(More)
The paper describes an approach to semantic interoperability of eGovernment services applied within the 027020 FP6 IST Access-eGov project. The goal of the project was to improve accessibility and connectivity of governmental services for citizens and businesses by means of creating integrated scenarios and providing guidance to users while following this(More)
  • Peter Bednar
  • 2016 IEEE 14th International Symposium on Applied…
  • 2016
The paper describes declarative language for specification of parsing and information extraction rules used in the common natural language processing tasks. The language unify concepts of tokenization using the regular expressions over the input text, information extraction patterns specified using the regular expressions over the annotations and graph(More)
Formal concept analysis (FCA) is one of the approaches which can be applied in process of conceptual modeling in domain of text documents. FCA can be used for formal analysis of data tables and identification of similar objects - clusters (concepts). Extension of classic FCA (binary table data) is one-sided fuzzy version that works with real values in the(More)
The paper focuses on the field of automatic extraction of information from texts and text document categorisation including pre-processing of text documents, which can be found on the Internet. In the frame of the presented work, we have devoted our attention to the following issues related to text categorisation: increasing the precision of categorisation(More)
The paper presents an example of e-government service integration on a semantic basis, as it was designed within the Access-eGov research project and applied in the Schleswig-Holstein state government. The case study follows up the application of a requirements-driven approach for designing egovernment service interfaces with respect to the informational(More)
This paper presents basic ideas and results of the GOAL project focusing on its knowledge discovery part. Within this project a KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Databases) package [7] has been designed and implemented. In this paper motivation, architecture, functionality and one two of the implemented DM (data mining) modules of the KDD Package are described in(More)