Peter Baumann

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Recently multidimensional arrays have received considerable attention among the database community, applications ranging from GIS to OLAP. Work on the formalization of arrays frequently focuses on mapping sparse arrays to ROLAP schemata. Database modeling of further array types, such as image data, is done differently and with less rigid methods. A unifying(More)
Spatial database management involves two main categories of data: vector and raster data. The former has received a lot of in-depth investigation; the latter still lacks a sound framework. Current DBMSs either regard raster data as pure byte sequences where the DBMS has no knowledge about the underlying semantics, or they do not complement array structures(More)
Sharing scientific data containing complex information requires new concepts and new technology. NEUROGENERATOR is a database generator for the neuroimaging community. A database generator is a database that generates new databases. The scientists submit raw PET and fMRI data to NEUROGENERATOR, which then processes the data in a uniform way to create(More)
Over implementations of di erent functional languages are benchmarked using the same program a oating point intensive application taken from molecular biology The principal aspects studied are compile time and Dept of Computer Systems Univ of Amsterdam Kruislaan SJ Amsterdam The Netherlands e mail pieter fwi uva nl D epart d informatique et r o Univ de(More)
Imagery is more and more becoming integral part of geo services. More generally, an increasing variety of sensors is generating massive amounts of data whose quantized nature frequently leads to rasterized data structures. Examples include 1-D time series, 2-D imagery, 3-D image time series and x/y/z spatial cubes, and 4-D x/y/z/t spatio-temporal cubes. The(More)
Parser evaluation traditionally relies on evaluation metrics which deliver a single aggregate score over all sentences in the parser output, such as PARSEVAL. However, for the evaluation of parser performance concerning a particular phenomenon, a test suite of sentences is needed in which this phenomenon has been identified. In recent years, the parsing of(More)
Defects in the locus Egfr, encoding the Drosophila EGF receptor homologue (DER), affect the development of the Malpighian tubules. They form as much shorter structures than in wild-type embryos, containing a reduced number of cells. The severity of this phenotype in seven alleles that we have analysed correlates with other embryonic defects caused by Egfr(More)