Peter Batey

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"This article presents a critical survey of research on extended input-output models, emphasizing recent developments in demographic-economic and socio-economic analysis. Basic principles of model design and construction are reviewed, by reference to a representative selection of extended models. Two research themes--labor market analysis and income(More)
"This paper presents a methodology which allows demographic and economic forecasting models to be integrated in a consistent manner. By embedding a conventional static Leontief input-output model within an activity analysis framework, a number of interesting results are obtained. First, a new series of production, income, and employment multipliers is(More)
This paper reviews a series of public sector applications of the Super Profiles geodemographic typology that was produced using data derived from the 1991 Census. The applications, often in combination with the use of GIS software, have emerged in work undertaken by the staff of the Urban Research and Policy Evaluation Regional Research Laboratory(More)
Government frequently adopts an area-based approach to the targeting of urban policy initiatives as an indirect way of reaching the individuals that the initiatives are intended to help. The paper develops a method for assessing the success of this spatial targeting. It uses a geodemographic classification system to produce a generalised socio-economic(More)
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