Peter Bancroft

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Computer-based tutoring systems which assist students in solving introductory programming problems have significant potential for improving the quality of programming education and reducing the instructor's work load. The innovative Environment for Learning to Program (ELP) provides an interactive web-based environment for teaching programming to first year(More)
ExamGen is a software application developed at Queensland University of Technology to assist instructors with assessment in large classes (250+). The ExamGen program was developed for the Faculty of Information Technology in response to an investigation into appropriate assessment alternatives designed to cope with the ever increasing enrolment numbers in(More)
This paper extends the methods of the reenement calculi to allow the derivation of an Oberon implementation. The use of records, pointers, opaque types and type extension distinguishes this work from previous examples. A case study for a stack abstract data type illustrates the method, which involves three data reenement steps. Firstly, a sequence of(More)