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Timely feedback is a vital component in the learning process. It is especially important for beginner students in Information Technology since many have not yet formed an effective internal model of a computer that they can use to construct viable knowledge. Research has shown that learning efficiency is increased if immediate feedback is provided for(More)
As academics are confronted with problems such as larger classes and the introduction of a trimester year of study, it has become increasingly necessary to search for alternative forms of assessment. This is certainly the case in Information Technology (IT), where more lecturers are using multiple choice questions as a matter of expediency and in some(More)
This paper extends the methods of the reenement calculi to allow the derivation of an Oberon implementation. The use of records, pointers, opaque types and type extension distinguishes this work from previous examples. A case study for a stack abstract data type illustrates the method, which involves three data reenement steps. Firstly, a sequence of(More)