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Sixty male distance athletes were divided into three equal groups according to their personal best time for the 10km run. The runners were measured anthropometrically and each runner completed a detailed questionnaire on his athletic status, training programme and performance. The runners in this study had similar anthropometric and training profiles to(More)
We report a child with cartilage-hair hypoplasia and Hodgkin's disease who developed progressive renal failure and died following infection with a polyomavirus, BK virus. Renal biopsy showed interstitial inflammation, tubular atrophy, and intranuclear inclusions in tubular epithelium, with large numbers of papovavirus particles within the cells. BK virus(More)
Fifty-three specialist women physical education students were measured anthropometrically and from these measurements somatotype and body composition were estimated. Leg, back and grip strength dynamometers were used to measure strength indices. Arm strength was calculated from each subject's pull-ups and push-ups and lung capacity was measured using a(More)
Ependymoblastoma developed in a 28-month-old girl whose epileptic mother took diphenylhydantoin and methylphenobarbitone throughout pregnancy. The child was also shown to be a genetic carrier for ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency, an x-linked inborn error of urea cycle metabolism. The possibility of transplacental carcinogenesis should be considered, as(More)
Ten top class female distance runners, ten female anorexics and twenty female gymnasts of a similar age were compared for height, mass, %fat, fat mass, lean body mass, age of menarche and incidence of amenorrhoea. The mean age of the distance runners, anorexics, and gymnasts was 13.6 years, 14.7 years, and 13.3 years respectively. In comparison to normal(More)
The most common femoral shaft tumours in children are eosinophilic granuloma and Ewing's sarcoma. Three children in the first decade of life with rare femoral shaft tumours are reported. There was one osteosarcoma and two chondrosarcomas. Radiographic differential diagnosis of the femoral shaft tumours and microscopic diagnostic difficulties of(More)
Previous research has often used correlations as a statistical method to show agreement; however, this is not a valid use of the statistic. The purpose of this study was to investigate the bias and limits of agreement for three methods of estimating percentage body fat for 117 male and 114 female university athletes: hydrodensitometry (HYD), bioelectrical(More)
We report the case of a two year old boy who developed a large tumour on his face. The lesion resembled a pyogenic granuloma clinically and histologically. Viral studies indicated a parapox infection and a bovine source was supported on epidemiological grounds. The lesion was removed by shave excision and the area healed without significant scarring.