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Deception is a crucial yet incompletely understood strategy of social parasites. In central Europe, the Mountain Alcon Blue, Maculinea rebeli, a highly endangered butterfly, parasitises several Myrmica ant species. Caterpillars gain access to host nests probably by faking the ants' odour. We analysed gas chromatography-mass spectrometry data of body surface(More)
Macrophage-like development of myeloid leukemia cells which can be induced by agents such as phorbol esters (TPA) is accompanied by integrin expression and cell adhesion. Thus, in differentiating myeloid leukemia cells CD11b is predominantly expressed which can associate with CD18 to form the functional heterodimeric integrin Mac-1. To elucidate the role of(More)
In 2 cases of tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC), a disseminated distribution of atypical cells throughout the white matter and cortex of the telencephalon has been found. No cortical tubera were observed. In 1 of the cases, ventricular wall tumors (giant astrocytomas) were present. Stripes and candle guttering excrescences of groups of atypical cells(More)
BACKGROUND & AIM Nutritional status frequently deteriorates during chemotherapy in cancer. This is associated with a poor outcome. Since creatine supplementation has shown promising results in various diseases, we investigated the effects of creatine on nutritional status in patients with colorectal cancer undergoing chemotherapy. METHODS Thirty patients(More)
BACKGROUND Long-term bile duct obstruction causes sinusoidal regurgitation of bile acids, a shift in bile acid metabolism, and alterations of liver histology. In this study we investigated the regurgitation of bile acids during short-term bile duct obstruction and its reversibility and reproducibility. In addition, the biotransformation of taurodeoxycholate(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The increasing use of systemic adjuvant therapy even in lymph node-negative breast cancer patients and breast cancer screening programs detecting smaller tumors with less probability of metastatic lymph nodes questions the need for routine axillary lymph node dissection. Since morbidity of breast cancer surgery is predominantly(More)
BACKGROUND Under physiological conditions, de-novo synthesis and metabolism of bile acids are confined mainly to the pericentral zone of the liver acinus. In the rat, 3alpha-hydroxy-steroid-dehydrogenase (3alpha-HSD) is the major bile acid-binding protein. At the same time, this protein is involved in the de-novo synthesis and metabolism of bile acids.(More)
 Amanita phalloides is the most relevant mushroom intoxication leading to acute liver failure. The two principal groups of toxins, the amatoxins and the phallotoxins, are small oligopeptides highly resistant to chemical and physical influences. The amatoxins inhibit eukaryotic RNA polymerase II causing transcription arrest affecting mainly metabolically(More)
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