Peter B. Phillipson

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Summary. Three new species of Barleria L. (Acanthaceae) are described from the Antsiranana region of northern Madagascar: B. speciosa I. Darbysh., B. glandulostamina I. Darbysh. and B. microcalyx I. Darbysh. Two subspecies are recognised in the second of these, subsp. glandulostamina and subsp. pseudohumilis I. Darbysh. The sectional placement and species(More)
BACKGROUND The monotypic genus Wenchengia (Lamiaceae) has been thought to be endemic to Hainan, China. This paper reports on historic records of Wenchengia alternifolia collected from Vietnam. The recent recuration and modernisation of the Paris herbarium greatly facilitated this discovery. NEW INFORMATION During preparatory work supporting the account(More)
Seventeen new endemic species of the genus Eugenia L. (Myrtaceae) are proposed from Madagascar, including: Eugeniaandapae N. Snow, Eugeniabarriei N. Snow, Eugeniabemangidiensis N. Snow, Eugeniacalciscopulorum N. Snow, Eugeniadelicatissima N. Snow, Callm. & Phillipson, Eugeniaechinulata N. Snow, Eugeniagandhii N. Snow, Eugeniahazonjia N. Snow,(More)
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