Peter B. Phillipson

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The Galoka mountain chain, comprising principally the Galoka and Kalabenono massifs, situated at the northern edge of the Sambirano Region in NW Madagascar is an area that was virtually unknown botanically. It was visited three times between 2005 and 2007 as part of a floristic inventory. Both massifs contain the last remaining primary forests in the Galoka(More)
Summary. Three new species of Barleria L. (Acanthaceae) are described from the Antsiranana region of northern Madagascar: B. speciosa I. Darbysh., B. glandulostamina I. Darbysh. and B. microcalyx I. Darbysh. Two subspecies are recognised in the second of these, subsp. glandulostamina and subsp. pseudohumilis I. Darbysh. The sectional placement and species(More)
A recent worldwide phylogeny of Sapindaceae inferred from nuclear and plastid DNA regions segregated the Malagasy Haplocoelum perrieri Capuron from the African Haplocoelum foliosum (Hiern) Bullock. Additional phylogenetic analyses conducted here (including material of Haplocoelum inopleum Radlk., the generic type) supported the result from the previous(More)
A recent review of Bignoniaceae for the "Catalogue of the vascular plants of Madagascar" has revealed new species in most of the genera present on the island. We provide descriptions of four new species in the genus Ophiocolea H. Perrier, a genus that is endemic to the Malagasy region: Ophiocolea ambrensis Callm. & Phillipson, Ophiocolea darainensis Callm.,(More)
A taxonomic revision of the genus Gouania Jacq. (Rhamnaceae) is presented for Madagascar and the other western Indian Ocean islands. Seventeen species are recognized, of which nine are described and published as new (all endemic to Madagascar): G. ambrensis Buerki, Phillipson & Callm., G. callmanderi Buerki, G. cupreifolia Buerki, Phillipson & Callm., G.(More)
BACKGROUND The monotypic genus Wenchengia (Lamiaceae) has been thought to be endemic to Hainan, China. This paper reports on historic records of Wenchengia alternifolia collected from Vietnam. The recent recuration and modernisation of the Paris herbarium greatly facilitated this discovery. NEW INFORMATION During preparatory work supporting the account(More)
This study presents the most complete generic phylogenetic framework to date for the tribe Coleeae (Bignoniaceae), which is endemic to Madagascar and the other smaller islands in the western part of the Indian Ocean. The study is based on plastid and nuclear DNA regions and includes 47 species representing the five currently recognized genera (including all(More)
Seventeen new endemic species of the genus Eugenia L. (Myrtaceae) are proposed from Madagascar, including: Eugeniaandapae N. Snow, Eugeniabarriei N. Snow, Eugeniabemangidiensis N. Snow, Eugeniacalciscopulorum N. Snow, Eugeniadelicatissima N. Snow, Callm. & Phillipson, Eugeniaechinulata N. Snow, Eugeniagandhii N. Snow, Eugeniahazonjia N. Snow,(More)
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