Peter B. Miller

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Previous investigations of primordial follicle (PF) number in primate ovaries have used biased, model-based techniques that require correction factors based on assumptions regarding cell size, orientation, and shape. We sought to apply several techniques from the "new stereology" to obtain unbiased number estimates. This method involves a hierarchy of(More)
We previously described a modern, three-dimensional counting method for determining primordial follicle (PF) numbers in primate ovaries using a combination of fractionator and physical dissector techniques. The purposes of our current study were 1) to apply our method to describe intraindividual differences in PF numbers between ovaries and 2) perform a(More)
A simple proposition underpins the title of this volume and the papers collected here: that there is much to be gained by looking at the relations among accounting, organizations, and institutions. This of course begs many questions, not least what is meant by each of the three nouns that make up the title. For the moment, we shall adopt some rudimentary(More)
BUSINESS is a new application development language intended to answer the needs of a rapidly growing user community - the end-user. The underlying computational model is the paper office. BUSINESS instructions manipulate objects within this model in ways analogous to human office workers. The syntax of BUSINESS closely approximates a subset of English.(More)
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