Peter Børker Nielsen

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The concentration of penicillin in cerebrospinal fluid and blood was measured after a single i.m. injection of 1.44 g penicillin G benzathine in 18 individuals (4 with neurosyphilis and 14 with neurological symptoms but not syphilis). Only one person had a treponemicidal concentration in the cerebrospinal fluid.
The K system in pigs included at least 6 internationally recognized blood group factors (Ka, Kb, Kc, Kd, Ke and Kf) controlled by the following alleles: Kacef, Kacf, Kade, Kae, Kbf and K- (Andresen, 1963; Brucks 1967, Hojný et al. 1967, Saison 1967, Hojný, Hradecký & Pazdera, 1979). This paper describes the results obtained with a new antiserum, Kg, by(More)
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