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Developing product software is getting increasing attention from both academics and practitioners. Organizations are recognizing the benefits and importance of developing a product for a market. Also, several software companies that develop customer-specific software have identified a need to change to developing and selling product software. Since few(More)
When the lac repressor tetramer is bound to its DNA operator, methylation protection shows the nearly symmetric operator half-sites are contracted asymmetrically. This asymmetric binding results from the DNA sequence/structure. The reported structure of lac repressor N-terminal fragment and an 11 base-pair operator left half-site provides no information(More)
The Escherichia coli lac operator DNA contains two sequence repeats related by a pseudo-dyad axis. Deviations from symmetry, in the central 21 bp sequence, occur at two pairs of symmetrically related sites (+15/+7, +13/+9) and at the central base-pair +11. Mutational analysis and DNA protection studies have suggested asymmetric interactions of lac repressor(More)
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