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We introduce the notion of a logical model category which is a Quillen model category satisfying some additional conditions. Those conditions provide enough expressive power that one can soundly interpret dependent products and sums in it while also having a purely intensional interpretation of the identity types. On the other hand, those conditions are(More)
We explore the possibility and some potential payoffs of using the theory of accessible categories in the study of categories of logics. We illustrate this by two case studies focusing on the category of finitary structural logics and its subcategory of algebraizable logics. Mathematics Subject Classification (2000). Primary 03B22; Secondary 18C35.
Methods A 64 y/o, postmenopausal female was seen in the clinic for 10 one hour visits, spaced over 5 months. This patient was significantly concerned regarding the twenty degree progression of her curve over 3 years. Family history is significant for severe spinal stenosis. The patient was educated in safe back mechanics, as well as specific scoliosis(More)
The search for a load-independent index of myocardial contractility has been a focus for nearly 100 years. Nearly all of the parameters developed have yielded insight into cardiac function but their clinical utility has been limited. A new index, dsigma*/dt (max), has been proposed to be useful in the clinic. This parameter is expressed as the maximum time(More)
motivic homotopy theory Dissertation zur Erlangung des Grades Doktor der Naturwissenschaften (Dr. rer. nat.) des Fachbereiches Mathematik/Informatik der Universität Osnabrück vorgelegt von Peter Arndt Betreuer Prof. Dr. Markus Spitzweck Osnabrück, September 2016 Erstgutachter: Prof. Dr. Markus Spitzweck Zweitgutachter: Prof. David Gepner, PhD 2010 AMS(More)
It has long been suspected that the rate of mutation varies across the human genome at a large scale based on the divergence between humans and other species. It is now possible to directly investigate this question using the large number of de novo mutations (DNMs) that have been discovered in humans through the sequencing of trios. We show that there is(More)
Methods A 12 y/o female diagnosed with AIS presented to the clinic, with recent history of 6 degree progression (over 3 months)in thoracic and lumbar curves to be 21 degrees right thoracic and 27 degrees left lumbar, Risser 0, premenarchal, at initiation of treatment. Risk of progression, as calculated using Lonstein-Carlson equation, was greater than 90%.(More)
Two key cellular processes, namely transcription and replication, require the opening of the DNA double helix and act differently on the two DNA strands, generating different mutational patterns (mutational asymmetry) that may result, after long evolutionary time, in different nucleotide compositions on the two DNA strands (compositional asymmetry). Here,(More)
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