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Although tarsorrhaphy has been the mainstay of treatment for lagophthalmus associated with facial paralysis, it has many drawbacks which make it a less than ideal procedure. Gold weight implantation is a functionally and cosmetically superior alternative in many patients. Eighteen patients with both reversible and irreversible facial (eyelid) paralysis(More)
Elevation of intraocular pressure is a relatively common complication after pars plana vitrectomy. Seven cases illustrate the diverse causes of the pressure rise that may be seen in these patients. Blood in the anterior chamber, retained lens material, inflammatory debris, topical corticosteroid administration, rubeosis iridis, and pre-existing, chronic(More)
In an objective test to determine compliance with acetazolamide regimens by patients with glaucoma, treated inpatients had lower carbon dioxide levels (less than or equal to mEq/L) than untreated patients (greater than or equal to 25 mEq/L). The test results may be inaccurate in some obese diabetic patients with hyperglycemia and in some patients with(More)
In this paper, I argue that Thomson's famous attempt to reconcile the fetus's putative right to life with robust abortion rights is not tenable. Given her view, whether or not an abortion violates the fetus's right to life depends on the abortion procedure utilised. And I argue that Thomson's view implies that any late term abortion that involves feticide(More)
ences across species. Rats readily associate illness with foods, but not illness with colors. Humans readily learn natural languages, apes do not. In fact, it was not neuroscience that gave us the U-shaped learning curve that forms the basis for the McClelland Rumelhart model of which Spitzer is fond. Rather than having neural network theory lead us to new(More)
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