Peter Alfred Berg

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Sera of 177 patients with acute myocarditis (10 coxsackie B 3/4, four influenza, four mumps, 15 cytomegalovirus, 144 undefined) were tested by indirect immunofluorescence for autoantibodies against heart and skeletal muscle and vital or air-dried adult cardiocytes. Antibody-dependent cytolysis, lymphocytotoxicity and antibody-dependent cellular(More)
Ultrafine particles are considered as a possible cause of some of the adverse health effects caused by airborne particles. In this study, the particle characteristics were measured in seven Swedish industrial plants, with a special focus on the ultrafine particle fraction. Number concentration, size distribution, surface area concentration, and mass(More)
The main aim of the study was to measure the exposure to monoterpenes (alpha- and beta-pinene and Delta(3)-carene) and wood dust during industrial production of wood pellets and briquettes. Additional aims were to compare the results from wood dust sampled on a filter with real time measurements using a direct reading instrument and to identify peak(More)
The isolation of a marker antigen from rat liver and pancreas tissue, which reacts with antibodies in a subtype of autoimmune hepatitis by complement fixation test, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and Western blot, is described. The liver-pancreas antigen could be detected in tissue from different human or animal organs, but liver and pancreas yielded the(More)
Organ specific antibodies against epitopes of the central nervous system (CNS) tissue were detected by ELISA and Western blotting (WB) in sera from patients with ANA positive collagen disorders using a 100,000 g supernatant from beef or rat brain. The corresponding CNS-antigens consist of six major determinants at molecular weights 29, 48, 56, 68 kD and six(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the epidemiologic features of eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS) in Germany. DESIGN We determined the incidence of EMS in Germany through May 1992 and analyzed the dose of L-tryptophan used, the duration of intake, and the concurrent medications. MATERIAL AND METHODS All patients receiving L-tryptophan preparations in Germany were(More)
Anxiety and fear are often associated with chronic conditions such as cancer. This paper targets the cost-effectiveness analysis of a cognitive-behavioral group therapy (CBT) in comparison to a client-centered, supportive-experiential group therapy (SET) in cancer patients with dysfunctional fear of progression. An incremental cost-effectiveness analysis(More)
A number of reports have described complement fixation reactions of sera from pat ien ts with p r imary bi l iary cirrhosis (PBC) using subcellular tissue fractions (1-3). Subsequently i t was shown tha t a lmost all these pat ients give cytoplasmic staining in the immunofluorescent test, react ingpreferent ia l ly with cells rich in mitochondria (4-6).(More)
Using submitochondrial particles (SMP) from beef heart, pig kidney and rat liver in the ELISA, we detected partial organ specific anti-mitochondrial antibodies (AMA) against heart and kidney SMP in sera from patients with different forms of cardiomyopathies. Serum samples from 50 of 159 patients with congestive or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (31%) and from(More)