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Measurements of the abundance of common metabolites in cultured embryonic stem (ES) cells revealed an unusual state with respect to one-carbon metabolism. These findings led to the discovery of copious expression of the gene encoding threonine dehydrogenase (TDH) in ES cells. TDH-mediated catabolism of threonine takes place in mitochondria to generate(More)
BACKGROUND Proprotein convertases (PCs) are serine proteases that after restricted proteolysis activate many proteins that play a crucial role in cancer such as metalloproteinases, growth factors and growth factor receptors, adhesion molecules, and angiogenic factors. Although the expression of several PCs is increased in many tumors, their expression in(More)
Tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) have essential roles in tumor progression and metastasis. Tumor cells recruit myeloid progenitors and monocytes to the tumor site, where they differentiate into TAMs; however, this process is not well studied in humans. Here we show that human CD7, a T-cell and NK cell receptor, is highly expressed by monocytes and(More)
Agents The inception of this investigation is an exam ple of serendipity, a word recently popularized to designate the faculty of accidentally making ob servations or discoveries which were not originally sought. In the present instance, a safe antihyper tensive compound was being sought among the quinones to reduce the high blood pressure pro duced by(More)
Executive Summary: We develop a unique measure of product diversity, and apply it to R&R playlists to examine changes in diversity following the 1996 Telecommunications Act. This represents the first attempt to measure diversity in radio markets using actual songs. We find modest changes in diversity, with a slight decrease in the diversity of songs within(More)
Up-to-date software architecture models dramatically ease the understanding and meaningful evolution of a software system. Unfortunately they are rarely available. Mostly the static view of the architecture is modeled and only stipulations are made regarding how architecture units should communicate. However, a software system tends to evolve independently(More)
Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) presents a major challenge in the clinic due to its lack of reliable prognostic markers and targeted therapies. Accumulating evidence strongly supports the notion that microRNAs (miRNAs) are involved in tumorigenesis and could serve as biomarkers for diagnostic purposes. To identify miRNAs that functionally suppress(More)