Peter Albrecht

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The present paper considers a retiree of a certain age with an initial endowment of investable wealth facing the following alternative investment opportunities. One possibility is to buy a single premium immediate annuity-contract. This insurance contract pays a lifelong constant pension payment of a certain amount, depending e.g. on the age of the retiree,(More)
The present paper contains a stability concept for discretization methods of a certain, very general classM, which is optimal (in the sense of yielding the best general, two-sided error bounds) without being more restrictive than any of the classical stability definitions. The optimal stability functional Ψh related to it depends on the linear part of the(More)
BACKGROUND Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is primarily a disease of women in their childbearing years. Pregnancy and puerperium have opposite effects on the course of the disease. Nevertheless, no studies have been carried out yet on the level of information among female MS-patients regarding the interaction between MS and pregnancy. FINDINGS Demographic data,(More)