Peter Agyekum Boateng

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BACKGROUND In sub-Saharan Africa, most collected blood originates from accessible and cheaper replacement donors while recruiting and retaining volunteers requires considerable costs not all countries can afford. The Kumasi Teaching Hospital Blood Center and a local FM radio station developed a partnership calling three times a year for donation at the(More)
BACKGROUND Hospital transfusion committees (HTCs) have been established in the United States to link producers and users as well as to ensure appropriate use of blood. The HTC has been little reported in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), although it has been established in some hospitals. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS The minutes of three to four HTC meetings per year(More)
The evolution of technology has encouraged organizations to use human resource information systems (HRIS). HRIS is perceived to contribute to the effectiveness of manpower activities (human resources planning) in organizations. This paper interviewed two HRIS managers in the hospitality industry in Greater Region (Ghana) to identify the benefits,(More)
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