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Mobile Learning with Micro-content: A Framework and Evaluation
This paper presents the micro-learning approach and the KP sytem that delivers micro-content on mobile devices and allows learning anytime, anyplace and any pace. Expand
Microlearning: Emerging Concepts, Practices and Technologies after e-Learning
An epistemologically and cognitively founded pedagogical learning/teaching model tackling these goals is developed. Expand
Microlearning mApp raises health competence: hybrid service design
Work place health support interventions can help support our aging work force, with mApps offering cost-effectiveness opportunities. Previous research shows that health support apps should offerExpand
Gamification in mobile and workplace integrated microlearning
We present a case study with 175 users in a corporate education scenario in a multi-regional Austrian bakery and bakery products company and report the evaluation of the deployment of KnowledgeMatch. Expand
Microlearning mApp to Improve Long Term Health Behaviours: Design and Test of Multi-Channel Service Mix
We developed a hybrid health support solution that uses a mix of electronic and physical support services for improving health behaviours, including a mobile micro-learning health quiz. Expand
Global Mobile: Applications and Innovations for the Worldwide Mobile Ecosystem
Editors Bruck and Rao bring together an international cast of thought leaders and practitioners in this sweeping survey of mobile technology and its impacts on human life, work, and society.Expand
Social Innovation and the Power of Technology
Ubiquitous technology has changed the way people work, live and play. In contemporary society, people use information and communication technology (ICT) to search for information, make purchases,Expand