Peter A. van Doremalen

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We have synthesized and evaluated E-11beta-nitrato-17alpha-iodovinylestradiol (E-NIVE; E-3c) and its 123I-labelled form, as a new potential radioligand for imaging of estrogen receptor (ER)-positive human breast tumors. E-[123I]NIVE was prepared by stereospecific iododestannylation of the E-tri-n-butylstannylvinyl precursor (E-2c), obtained from reaction of(More)
We studied the potential of both stereoisomers of 17alpha-[123I]iodovinyloestradiol (E- and Z-[123I]IVE) and of 11beta-methoxy-17alpha-[123I]iodovinyloestradiol (E- and Z-[123I]MIVE) as suitable radioligands for the imaging of oestrogen receptor(ER)-positive human breast tumours. The 17alpha-[123I]iodovinyloestradiols were prepared stereospecifically by(More)
A new (radio)iodinated, beta-adrenoceptor ligand, (S)-(-)-4-[3-[(1,1-dimethyl-3-iodo-(2E)-propenyl)-amino]-2- hydroxypropoxy]carbazole (CYBL8E, 1), was prepared. 1 is an iodinated analogue of the high-affinity beta-adrenoceptor antagonist carazolol (2). The asymmetric synthesis was achieved in four steps starting from 4-hydroxycarbazole. The(More)
Five putative iodinated progesterone receptor (PR) binding ligands were synthesized and evaluated as potential imaging agents for PR-positive human breast tumours. Two compounds (E- and Z-17-hydroxy-21-iodo-19-nor-17alpha-pregna-4,20-dien-3-one; E- and Z-IPG1) were previously described, but are re-evaluated. The other three were novel compounds: two(More)
For imaging of dopamine D2/3 receptors, agonist tracers are favoured over antagonists because they are more sensitive to detection of dopamine release and because they may selectively label the high-affinity receptor state. We have developed novel D2/3 receptor selective agonists that can be radiolabelled with [(123)I], which label is advantageous over most(More)
On the basis of the observed high selective binding to both the human and rat progesterone receptor (PR) in vitro, three 17alpha-iodovinyl-substituted nortestosterone derivatives, i.e., the Z-isomer of 17alpha-iodovinyl-19-nortestosterone (Z-IVNT; Z-IPG1) and both the stereoisomers of 17alpha-iodovinyl-18-methyl-11-methylene-19-nortestosterone (E- and(More)
Radioiodinated spiperone is of interest for dopamine (DA) receptor studies in the living human brain by single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT). Stimulated by data obtained with [11C]-N-methyl-spiperone we synthesized 4-[123I]iodospiperone and investigated the in vitro binding characteristics of this ligand to the striatal membrane of the rat and(More)
The asymmetric synthesis of a series of iodinated beta-adrenoceptor ligands is described. One ligand, (S)-(-)-[1-(2-iodophenoxy)]-3'-(tert-butylamino)-2'-propanol (CYBL3), is based on the beta-adrenoceptor antagonist penbutolol. The other ligands are N-iodovinyl and N-iodoaryl analogues of the beta-adrenoceptor antagonist CGP12177. These have been(More)
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