Peter A. de Villiers

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Theory of Mind (ToM) is the cognitive achievement that enables us to report our propositional attitudes, to attribute such attitudes to others, and to use such postulated or observed mental states in the prediction and explanation of behavior. Most normally developing children acquire ToM between the ages of 3 and 5 years, but serious delays beyond this(More)
Gastric emptying was studied by measuring the residual gastric contents in 6 pigs weighing an average 56.5 kg and fitted with an indwelling gastric cannula in the middle of the greater curvature of the stomach. The feed offered was a semi-purified test meal, including 1 980 g of fresh matter, 880 g of dry matter, 61.9 g of total crude protein (N x 6.25),(More)
The various techniques of ileocaecal reentrant fistulation now used to collect digesta flowing from the small into the large intestine, do not provide an accurate estimate of digestion in the small intestine. Their main disadvantages are: an erroneous description of the kinetics of food passage (collection proximal to the valve or bypass of the ileocaecal(More)
In the United States, as in all countries of the world in which English is widely spoken, there exist different dialects or variants of the language. These dialects are often defined by regional or cultural groups and may vary from each other in one or more of several aspects of the language – phonology, morphology, syntax, lexical semantics, or pragmatics(More)
The authors report a new technique of heterotopic transplantation of the small intestine : reno-mesenteric transplantation. The advantages of this technique are recalled, especially when intestinal transplantation is carried out some time after removal of the intestine. In fact, in this case, orthotopic transplantation is difficult owing to the relationship(More)
The authors report the clinical and laboratory results of 65 orthotopic allotransplantations of the liver in the pig. The operative mortality (8 cases) was nil in the last 23 transplantations. Vascular filling without blood transfusion, blood alkalinisation and precautions to avoid hypothermia, seem essential to reduce early mortality. The various causes of(More)
The use of regulatory standards aimed at clinical research data and metadata has become more commonplace over recent years. In the USA, the FDA is accepting standards from the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) for submission of tabulation data (SDTM) and the main study metadata XML file (CRT-DDS). Work continues on new standards and(More)