Peter A Thill

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The initiation of signaling in T lymphocytes in response to the binding of the T cell receptor (TCR) to cognate ligands is a key step in the emergence of adaptive immune responses. Conventional models posit that TCR signaling is initiated by the phosphorylation of receptor-associated immune receptor activation motifs (ITAMs). The cytoplasmic tyrosine kinase(More)
In biochemical systems, intrinsic noise may drive the system switch from one stable state to another. We investigate how kinetic switching between stable states in a bistable network is influenced by dynamic disorder, i.e., fluctuations in the rate coefficients. Using the geometric minimum action method, we first investigate the optimal transition paths and(More)
We study a model of dynamic disorder relevant for signal transduction pathways in which enzymatic reaction rates fluctuate over several orders of magnitude. For the simple networks we consider, dynamic disorder drives the system far from equilibrium and imposes an energetic burden for high fidelity signaling capability. We study how the dynamics of the(More)
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