Peter A. Lindsay

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syntax In Extended BNF (Backus-Naur Form), the syntax is roughly: Term = Exp | Type Exp = VSymb | CESymb{Exp}{Type} | DESymb VSymb‘:’Type‘·’Exp Type = CTSymb{Exp}{Type} | DTSymb VSymb‘:’Type‘·’Type | ‘<’VSymb‘:’Type‘·’Exp‘>’ In other words, expressions are built up from variables using two kinds of combinators: • compound expressions, whereby a constant is(More)
Formal specifications have been proposed as a basis for accessing reusable components from libraries, and various fine-grained specification-matching approaches have been developed to assist in searching libraries. Typically, however, the granularity of matching has been too fine for reuse to be effective. Compounding the problem is the fact that(More)
This paper presents an extended case study in the use of the Care language for formally veriied software development. The case study concerns storage of variable-length records into a xed-size memory space. The problem is speciied, and a design given, using the Care language. The solution assumes the existence of certain low-level library modules whose(More)