Peter A. Hines

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We demonstrate how the identity N N = N in a monoidal category allows us to construct a functor from the full subcategory generated by N and to the endomorphism monoid of the object N. This provides a categorical foundation for one-object analogues of the symmetric monoidal categories used by J.-Y. Girard in his Geometry of Interaction series of papers, and(More)
The development of sustainable competitive advantage has long been the " holy grail " of western management. However, evidence presented in this paper shows that at least one of the world's leading companies has sought to achieve advantage by leverage knowledge and skill within its complete supply chain. The company involves is Toyota of Japan. A(More)
A fulgurite is a naturally occurring glass formed when lightning hits sand, rock, or soil. The formation of fulgurites is accompanied by mineralogical and sometimes compositional changes, and may record information about the environment in which they were formed. A previous investigation using Raman point spectroscopy discovered the presence of anatase, a(More)
  • P A Hines
  • 1996
Benchmarking is a process of comparing an organization's performance to that of a selected standard. Because the standard is one selected from other organizations for their "best" performance, benchmarking establishes a vision or goal for restructuring. This author, who is experienced in helping organizations restructure using the benchmarking process(More)
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