Peter A Gustafson

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The consolidation/transition model conceptualizes development as entailing a cyclical pattern of alternating consolidation and transition phases and posits that stage advance is predicted by a specific distribution of reasoning across stages indicative of disequilibrium (more reasoning above than below the mode, with a high degree of mixture). The validity(More)
The biomechanical performance of internal fracture fixation depends on several factors. One measure of performance is the strength of the construct. The objective of this biomechanical study was to identify the effect of load obliquity on the strength of locking and nonlocking plate and screw constructs. For this study, plates and screws were fixed to(More)
The subtalar joint is important for gait and function of the foot and ankle. With few external landmarks, the joint is difficult to conceptualize and study in vivo. There have been several functional representations put forth in the literature which can be combined to give a broader understanding of the overall function and mechanics of the subtalar joint.(More)
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