Peter A. Crossley

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This paper proposes an algorithm for fault detection, faulted phase and winding identification of a three-winding power transformer based on the induced voltages in the electrical power system. The ratio of the induced voltages of the primary-secondary, primary-tertiary and secondary-tertiary windings is the same as the corresponding turns ratio during(More)
This paper describes a current differential relay for transformer protection that operates in conjunction with a core saturation detection-based blocking algorithm. The differential current for the magnetic inrush or over-excitation has a point of inflection at the start and end of each saturation period of the transformer core. At these instants,(More)
Most substations today contain a large number of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), each of which captures and stores locally measured analogue signals, and monitors the operating status of plant items. A key issue for substation data analysis is the adequacy of our knowledge available to describe certain concepts of power system states. It may happen(More)
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