Peter A Costa

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BACKGROUND Rabies is a notoriously underreported and neglected disease of low-income countries. This study aims to estimate the public health and economic burden of rabies circulating in domestic dog populations, globally and on a country-by-country basis, allowing an objective assessment of how much this preventable disease costs endemic countries. (More)
AFM images show that chromatin reconstituted on methylated DNA (meDNA) is compacted when imaged under water. Chromatin reconstituted on unmethylated DNA is less compacted and less sensitive to hydration. These differences must reflect changes in the physical properties of DNA on methylation, but prior studies have not revealed large differences between(More)
Canine rabies, responsible for most human rabies deaths, is a serious global public health concern. This zoonosis is entirely preventable, but by focusing solely upon rabies prevention in humans, this "incurable wound" persists at high costs. Although preventing human deaths through canine rabies elimination is feasible, dog rabies control is often(More)
Axial torsional loads representative of gait and stair climbing conditions were applied to transverse sections of 8 uncemented postmortem retrievals and a high-resolution imaging system with digital image correlation was used to measure local micromotion along the bone-implant interface. For 7 components that were radiographically stable, there was limited(More)
Katie Hampson, Laurent Coudeville, Tiziana Lembo, Maganga Sambo, Alexia Kieffer, Michaël Attlan, Jacques Barrat, Jesse D. Blanton, Deborah J. Briggs, Sarah Cleaveland, Peter Costa, Conrad M. Freuling, Elly Hiby, Lea Knopf, Fernando Leanes, FrançoisXavier Meslin, ArtemMetlin, Mary Elizabeth Miranda, Thomas Müller, Louis H. Nel, Sergio Recuenco, Charles E.(More)
The threat of biological warfare and the emergence of new infectious agents spreading at a global scale have highlighted the need for major enhancements to the public health infrastructure. In this paper, we demonstrate a technique for detecting biological and chemical attacks based on syndromic surveillance at hospital emergency departments. Using a(More)
BACKGROUND Rabies, which is globally endemic, poses a risk to international travelers. To improve recommendations for travelers, we assessed the global availability of rabies vaccine (RV) and rabies immune globulin (RIG). METHODS We conducted a 20-question online survey, in English, Spanish, and French, distributed via e-mail to travel medicine providers(More)
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