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There is convincing evidence that cellular prooxidant states--that is, increased concentrations of active oxygen and organic peroxides and radicals--can promote initiated cells to neoplastic growth. Prooxidant states can be caused by different classes of agents, including hyperbaric oxygen, radiation, xenobiotic metabolites and Fenton-type reagents,(More)
We have compared the mechanisms of the transcriptional induction of c-fos in mouse epidermal cells JB6 (clone 30) by an extracellular burst of active oxygen of the type produced by inflammatory phagocytes to induction by serum and phorbol ester. All three inducers elicit a characteristic immediate early response of c-fos which is inhibited by the protein(More)
The UVB (290-320 nm) portion of the solar spectrum possesses the highest activity for the induction of skin cancer and has the capacity to stimulate epidermal proliferation. We report that UVB is a transcriptional inducer of the c-fos protooncogene in mouse .IB6 epidermal cells. Induc tion is biphasic with an immediate early peak at 30-60 min and a second(More)
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